The 2024-2025 Prospectus of the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School is launched

The Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School (GCHSS) in Naxxar has just launched the prospectus for the school year 2024-2025. The launch of the prospectus coincides with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of this school in 1984, known as the Higher.

Today the GCHSS is one of the best known Sixth Forms and as an educational institution it offers academic courses and educational programs with a choice of subjects at Ordinary level, Intermediate level and Advanced level. The Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation Clifton Grima said: “This post-secondary Educational Institution provides education through the full development of the student’s abilities and this the prospectus is a reflection of this mission. It is a student-centred prospect, and is designed around the needs of the prospective GCHSS student. Therefore it looks at the various abilities that the students have and how GCHSS can bring out the best educational elements of the students”.

The Principal of the College, Patrick Decelis, together with the Head of School, Anna Spiteri, explained that the prospectus offers guidance for prospective students on a variety of study courses which include: The course for the Matriculation Certificate (MC) which consists of a selection of courses in subjects at Intermediate and Advanced level that prepare students for the courses offered by the University of Malta.

The course at the Advanced/Intermediate/Ordinary level (AIO) which is a program designed in a way that offers the possibility to study a number of subjects without the specific intention of leading to the University. The AIO course is ideal for those students who wish to improve their qualification(s) or wish to obtain the level required for a particular job.

The Individual Study Program for Adult Students (IPAL), previously known as ‘The course for those over 18’ intended for adult students. The Specialized Study Program in Science and Medicine (MSSSP) which is an intensive course in Biology and Chemistry at the Advanced level for those students who wish to improve their qualifications in these two scientific subjects.

The National Youth Sports Program (NYSP) is intended for those students who wish to continue their studies while being engaged in athletics. The Permanent Secretary within the Ministry Matthew Vella said that, “While this prospectus was launched today, I invite the students who have finished compulsory education to attend together with their parents for the open day on Friday 14 June 2024. The aim of GCHSS is to shape citizens with the necessary skills. This aligns with the transformation that our country’s education is currently undergoing, whose ultimate goal is to nurture holistic citizens with ethics, values, principles and integrity.”

The Higher experience is much more than academic study in a choice of subjects. The GCHSS prospectus 2024-2025 offers a nice number of informal programs and activities that are regularly organized on this campus. Prospective students can take the opportunity and attend the open day and get advice from the guidance and counseling team.

Photos: MEYR