115 lawyers and 2 new legal procurators receive their warrant

The Minister for Justice and Reform of the Construction Sector Jonathan Attard presented the warrants to 115 lawyers and 2 new legal procurators after they demonstrated their competence to exercise the legal profession.

While wishing them well, Minister Attard emphasized that this milestone should not mean the end of the educational path. “Professional development is an important aspect in order to continue to see the profession and our respective careers continue to strengthen. We are at an important moment for the justice sector where the Government is working on several significant legislative reforms,” ​​stressed Minister Attard.

The minister went on to explain how changes will be implemented in the criminal field including where compilations and magisterial inquiries come into play. He said that after the unprecedented increase in the number of magistrates, there are now 4 Magistrates focused on inquiries. Minister Attard also mentioned the work being done in relation to the necessary reform in the Family Court. “The involvement of the public was an important part in the structuring of this necessary reform after more than 20 years, and in the coming time we will be approaching you with a public consultation. From here I encourage you to participate and share your thoughts”, Minister Attard concluded.

The ceremony was also addressed by Judge Giannino Caruana Demajo, by the President of the Chamber of Advocates Dr. Peter Fenech and the President of the Chamber of Legal Procurators Dr. Gerald Bonello. Also present for this ceremony were the State Attorney Dr. Chris Soler, the administration of the Court Services Agency, representatives of the Bar Association as well as those of the Legal Procurators Chamber.