Workshop on information gathered from space to be used in various sectors

The Maltese Council for Science and Technology (MCST), in collaboration with EURISY – a union of space agencies, organized a workshop and information meeting entitled “e-shape solutions: Unlocking the potential of Earth Observation data for climate change and urban areas”.

This event was organized to promote the use of information collected from space through Satellite Observation to be used in various projects including those related to climate and water, as well as the importance of using of this information in the daily operation of entities working in the field. Pilot projects were also presented that show how the collected information can be accessed by interested parties.

During the workshop several guests participated from various Maltese entities and International organizations including the European Union Agency for the Space Program (EUSPA) as well as the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC), where they presented their work on the science of Satellite Observation.

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation Keith Azzopardi Tanti emphasized the work the government is doing to promote initiatives related to space, where every year continues to increase the budget in the research and innovation sector. “Through the cooperation agreement we have with the European Space Agency (ESA), by next year Malta will join a plan to collaborate with other European countries so that our country continues to have new opportunities in the space field ,” said Parliamentary Secretary Azzopardi Tanti.

The CEO of MCST Silvio Scerri welcomed the present partners and expressed the fact that there are a number of possibilities in the use of technology in the field of space that can lead to economic growth in various sectors.

“Many of our daily activities depend on satellite connectivity and the information that comes out of it can lead to various benefits, including environmental, as well as economic ones,” Mr. Scerri claimed while continuing to explain that these are -satellites offer precise information on various subjects and therefore can be beneficial for those who are designing various policies.

The event also served as an opportunity for networking and further collaboration between local and international organizations in the field of Satellite Observation Science.

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