Malta committed to work and be a voice in international fora to continue promoting the importance of peace and dialogue

“Malta believes that multilateralism is crucial. We believe that the cooperation between the United Nations and the European Union is integral and needs to be further strengthened.” Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade Ian Borg was addressing a United Nations Security Council meeting on the cooperation of the United Nations and regional and sub-regional organisations (UN-EU).

During his speech, Minister Borg said that the principles of the United Nations and the values ​​of the European Union are complementary and hence should continue to be strengthened. He recalled how the beginning of the European Union, after the Second World War, shows a clear example of how multi-lateralism and regional integration brought peace, stability, prosperity, and growth.

Ian Borg spoke on how the relationship between the EU and the United Nations should continue to be strengthened, particularly in the areas of human rights, the rule of law and the processes of dispute settlements. He further said that during these present times, more than ever, it is the EU and the United Nations’ responsibility to make sure that where possible, regional, and international organisations come together to provide more convergence and collaboration. There is even a need for both the EU and even the United Nations to have more trilateral discussions and collaboration, primarily with the African Union to address security challenges.

Minister Borg, as President of the United Nations Security Council, concluded his intervention by outlining how Malta is committed to strengthen peace, dialogue and multilateralism to possibly avoid and further solve conflicts.

Photo: MFET