Free Educational Center in the community of Xghajra

Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Alison Zerafa Civelli visits a new and free Educational Center in the community of Xgħajra

The Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Alison Zerafa Civelli inaugurated a new educational center in the locality of Xgħajra.

The main objective of this project is to offer free tuition to children who need additional help in order to progress further in their studies. This center was set up by the local council of Xgħajra on the initiative of the councilor responsible for the education and children department, Mrs. Doris Borg, and with the full support of the mayor Neil Attard.

This educational center called “Alijoy Centre”, in the heart of the Xgħajra community, is located next to the library and is open every Saturday morning. This center welcomes children who attend the primary school of the same locality. Mrs. Borg, as a former teacher, is giving private lessons as well as free reading sessions to the children who attend.

Parliamentary Secretary Zerafa Civelli praised the local council of Xgħajra for recognizing and fully believing in the potential of this project. She also said that “this project is another example of the potential of local councils and their positive influence in their respective localities and residents.”

It was the local council workers themselves who did maintenance work and created a traditional classroom environment from what was previously simply a garage that was used by the local council as a warehouse. The local council of Xgħajra also covers the lease of this place and financed the tables, chairs, shelving and also two computers which are used in an educational way by the children.

Mrs Borg explained that this project is the fruit of a collective effort, where even the residents gave their contribution through donations of books. “Although the main aim of this center is the educational aspect, we also organize socio-cultural and sporting activities in order to also help in the growth of the character of these children” she explained.

Mayor Neil Agius made reference to the financing schemes that come out of the Local Government Directorate and reiterated how important they are for local councils in order to carry out projects in the localities that improve the lives of the residents.