The Government will continue to strengthen support for the elderly living in the community

Prime Minister Robert Abela visits Siġġiewi Civic Centre
Prime Minister Robert Abela met the elderly in the community through visits to two centers for active aging.
In his first visit, Dr. Abela visited the dementia center of Ħal Safi, which provides support to families and gives the opportunity for people with dementia to live longer in the community, with a quality of life better.
In the center of Safi, the Prime Minister spoke to the elderly during activities specifically chosen to match their abilities and preferences. The center is designed to welcome the elderly in a homely atmosphere that is accessible to them.
In Siġġiewi Prime Minister Abela closely followed activities for the elderly linked to artistic creativity, physical activity and also the care and protection of plants. The Prime Minister noted how the elderly in the community seek to remain active and exercise their abilities in different fields. He pointed out the Government’s policy which weighs and supports different people in society including the elderly. This is not only with another increase that came into effect for pensioners but also with further strengthening of grants that will be given in the coming days including the grant for the elderly who continue to live in the community when they are 75 a year or more and also the payment of a bonus for those who do not qualify for the contributory pension.
Prime Minister Abela was joined on both visits by the Minister for Active Aging Jo Etienne Abela.