Reforms in justice and strengthening security discussed with students

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Prime Minister Robert Abela discussed the reforms that the government is carrying out and has planned in the areas of justice and strengthening security with a number of students active in student unions.

It was the prime minister who invited representatives from these unions to the Castile Council to also hear from them proposals they have for these two important sectors. While listing important changes that have been made in recent years, the prime minister explained how the government has planned more changes even based on what was proposed in the electoral manifesto.

While Malta remains one of the safest, and that the crime rate, as confirmed by academic studies, has remained under control, society must constantly send a clear message in favor of appropriate behavior. The meeting also revealed how a number of student proposals are also being worked on.

While he heard from them, the prime minister appealed to the students to remain active in this discussion and others, as the government is determined to keep pushing forward a reformist agenda that is not satisfied with the status quo or with what we have achieved so far. In fact, he referred to the challenge that one finds when trying to change even certain practices, including in the courts, and said that despite this, one must have the courage to enter for change.

The prime minister was accompanied by the Minister for the Interior, Security, Reforms and Equality Byron Camilleri, the Minister for Justice Jonathan Attard, the Parliamentary Secretary for Equality and Reforms Rebecca Buttigieg and the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation Keith Azzopardi Tanti.

Photo: OPM