Prime Minister insists on more help for businesses

Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that, in the last few days, the Cabinet approved two schemes designed to help businesses focus on renewables and sustainability.

In an address that he made during the launch of a program of celebrations marking the 175th anniversary of the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce, the Prime Minister also explained that this year we must launch a legislative proposal for a basic right of ‘ bank account for self employed and businesses as promised in the election manifesto ‘Malta Flimkien’.

Dr. Abela explained that work is underway on a system that facilitates the due diligence processes while they remain robust and strong. “We are seeing that we have concrete results based on consultation with you and other partners,” explained the Prime Minister in this regard while pointing out that today our country has serious and strong jurisdiction certificates and we must exploit these facts.

The Prime Minister Robert Abela defined the Chamber of Commerce as an important strategic partner as members of the Chamber come forward with ideas and proposals that spring from entrepreneurial aspirations but that are also beneficial for our country. Prime Minister Abela gave the peace of mind that the Government will continue to be a shoulder and provide certainty and stability so that in our country we continue to have the best environment in which businesses continue to grow and the labor sector continues to strengthen.

The Prime Minister said that this is done at a time of new priorities that the country has including the environment and the digital core. Here he referred to the plan that was launched in the last few days in connection with the largest package of European funds that Malta has obtained, which exceeds two billion euros. He said that the new prosperity that as a Government must continue to guarantee also depends on how many new leaps we will manage to make, including that our economy becomes climate neutral and becomes more digital.

Dr Abela explained that the Government will continue to invest among them in the digital infrastructure and in the educational sector while continuing to cut the bureaucracy to continue to facilitate investment and trade. The Prime Minister said that scrutiny by independent institutions all confirmed that our country has a strong economy and we can look to the future with optimism because we have a strong present. The Prime Minister wished the Chamber of Commerce that it will soon also go through a process of choosing a new leadership and claimed that he looks forward that as partners we will continue to have a common interest in favor of Gozo and Malta.