The virtual cultural exhibition ‘On D Road’ is launched to showcase and advertise the cultural heritage of every village in Gozo

The Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri launched the virtual cultural exhibition On D Road in Xewkija with the aim of having a greater awareness of the cultural heritage of our country.

He explained that this virtual exhibition will tour every village in Gozo and in it will be exposed and advertised all the cultural heritage, both the tangible and the intangible of each village. Through this exhibition it will be shown how widespread the architectural heritage is in each village, including churches, chapels, towers, archaeological sites, museums, mills, public buildings, niches, beaches and so on, as well as traditions, customs, performing arts and crafts.

Minister Camilleri said that Gozo has a great cultural heritage while insisting that he is committed to continuing with the work to increase awareness of the cultural heritage of the Gozitan island.

“This is a rich cultural heritage that interests people from overseas so much that they choose to visit Gozo every year precisely for this reason. Our goal is above all to continue to be a destination for all year round among them thanks to the cultural heritage that our island offers”, said the minister.

The Director for Cultural Heritage within the Ministry for Gozo John Xuereb explained that in order for this virtual cultural exhibition On D Road to take place, meetings were held with all the local councils of Gozo, 14 in total, and eventually an agreement was reached about what should be shown.

This exhibition is expected to end next May.