Pete Buttigieg, the United States Secretary of Transportation, was asked recently where he would like to  travel to again and again. His answer:

The destination he could travel to a million times and never tire of it:

My father emigrated from Malta, and so when I was growing up, every two or three years we would get to go over there and see family. It’s a tiny country, but it is infinitely fascinating. Not only do I love, of course, being with members of my family there, but it is full of incredible history. It’s home to some of the oldest freestanding structures in the world, prehistoric temples, and because of its strategic location in the Mediterranean, it bears the marks of influence from Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Moors, Arabs, Turks, crusaders, and then ultimately a period of English colonization and now independence. It’s so rich in history and very physically beautiful. In fact, it’s often been used for film sets for everything from the film adaptation of The Odyssey to Game of Thrones. So in this little country that’s no bigger than St. Joe County, Indiana, where I grew up, you just have infinite things to check out and enjoy.