Cliferty Calleja World Amateur Champion

Saturday afternoon saw Cliferty Calleja crowned World Champion for Amateur Drivers as the competition came to a close at the Visarno Racetrack in Firenze.

Once again he was the star of the day as in his first race he finished third with Dynamite Kandy even though she was not considered amongst the favourites.

In his last race, the pressure was on Calleja as he had to finish with the first four in order to keep the lead and in fact he did not disappoint as he took a spectacular victory with Bella Stella even though she was starting in the second row behind the autostart.

Calleja had an extraordinary performance throughout the championship with three victories, a second, third and sixth place and was congratulated by many owners and trainers on his ability to manage even the most difficult horses.

Cliferty won the championship with 43 points ahead of the Belgian driver with 38 points and the Italian finished in third place with 32 points.

He will be arriving in Malta on Sunday morning with a Ryan Air flight from Bologna at 10:55 a.m.