Guidance from OHSA on Health and Safety Measures during High Winds and Storms

In view of the forecast of a storm on the Maltese islands during the next 24 hours, the Authority for Health and Workplace Safety (OHSA), calls on employers as well as workers to update themselves on the risks and hazards associated with these weather conditions in order to come health problems and accidents that can even have serious consequences.

On construction sites, the OHSA recommends that owners of construction sites or other works, in order to ensure that scaffoldings, bridges, galleries, apertures and nets with facades are safe among others, while all measures must be taken according to the law to protect the health and safety of the workers all. These also apply to other jobs including transport, work at height and outdoor work, among others.

These measures are gathered in a document that should serve as a guide with information about the risk assessment procedures, what to do in case of heavy rain or snow, what to do in case of strong wind, as well as on the measures to be taken after the warning of wind or rain has passed strong, are in the guide “Health and Safety Measures during Bad Weather Conditions”. This guide is accessible in both Maltese and English and can be downloaded for free from the Facebook page of OHSA or from here: