Special Olympics Invitational Games 2022 official book launched, ‘All Special’

The official book of Special Olympics Invitational Games 2022 has been launched at the Kirkop Sports Complex under the name ‘All Special’.

This book contains excerpts and poems from all primary school children in Malta and Gozo who all convey a message of inclusion through sport.

During a press conference, the President of Special Olympics Malta Dr Lydia Abela described this publication as a collection of excerpts that testify to the great value of the values ​​of love, respect and inclusion that we embrace as a society. . She said, “The moment our society recognizes the beauty of our differences will be a moment when our country looks to the future together.

She stressed that everyone should be given the chance to play a sport, because it is through sport that you learn to accept the ups and downs of life. She said that both the official song ‘Going for Gold’ and this book are a celebration of everyone’s abilities.

The Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Innovation and Research Clifton Grima spoke about the great work that is being done to make our country host hundreds of athletes from all over the world in the next few days. for the Special Olympics. “When you look at the work done by Maltese and Gozitan students, you will notice how talented we are in this country,” said Minister Grima. He praised the students and said, “The contribution they have made to the 200 children from our schools will be enjoyed not only in our country, but will also be spread all over the world.”


Minister Grima said that in the same way that the athletes who will be representing our country will be the ambassadors of Malta and Gozo, the students who contributed to the work that was published in the book will also be the ambassadors of our country. The minister emphasized that this makes us proud and also shows how capable we are when we all work together. He said he looks at the Special Olympics as a stepping stone through which we will have a legacy of our abilities as a people.

Author and illustrator Trevor Zahra, who translated the excerpts from English into Maltese, explained that this book has two purposes. Firstly to celebrate this special event and secondly to encourage children’s creative writing ability. He emphasized that through this book we are seeing through the eyes of children how much sport unites everyone.

During the conference, all the children whose poems and excerpts were selected to be part of this book were awarded a medal and a copy of the book. Three children were also given a souvenir as they qualified for third, second and first place in this competition. They are Jayden Borg with ‘Stars’, James Sciberras with ‘With My Skill’ and Jamie Camilleri with ‘She’s Julian’, respectively.

The book will be distributed in every school in Malta and Gozo and will also be given to all the athletes who will participate in the Special Olympics Invitational Games 2022 which will be held in our country between the 14th and -18 May next.