An agreement signed between the ministry and the MUT for National School Support Services officials

Through an agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT), 61 professionals who provide support services to students in government schools will benefit from a substantial improvement in the conditions of education. new work and allowances. This agreement also takes care of progress in scale for qualifiers.

“We are in the process of holistically improving the education sector, not only through work and discussions with the MUT regarding the working conditions of educators and workers in this sector,” she said. Minister of Education Justyne Caruana, before two negotiated agreements were signed with the MUT.

“Today we signed a very important agreement, which concerns the National School Support Services, which are the heart and soul of the education sector, because they are the services we provide to vulnerable children and our families. We are seeing how among the big reforms we are doing we are focusing especially on the conditions of our workers. Last week we took a look at the conditions of teachers, KGEs, LSEs, educators, today of these particular professionals, and talks are also underway on the progression of Learning Support. Educators, as well as to address the anomalies that supply teachers have. Therefore, as a ministry, while we are concentrating on academic content for our children, we are also seeing that those who are responsible for the implementation of these strategies will also participate in our work under conditions that really deserve them “, continued the minister.
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