€ 2.9 million agreement with the ALS Malta Foundation

The government, through the Ministry for Inclusion and Quality of Life and Support Agency, has signed a social agreement with the ALS Malta Foundation – Dar Bjorn, amounting to € 2.9 million. This investment is € 128,280 more than the previous agreement. In total, this agreement covers 13 beds for people suffering from severe neurological conditions.

Four of these beds are Tier 3 where the patient needs substantial support, is restricted when it comes to performing a task, and needs a lot of assistance, and the other nine are Tier 4, which means that the patient needs full support because he is unable to address any personal needs and therefore needs full assistance.

The Minister for Inclusion and Quality of Life Julia Farrugia Portelli said that this year the government will have invested € 8.2 million in contracts with houses in the community, an investment of 35% more on the previous agreements. She claimed that the work between Aġenzija Sapport and Dar Bjorn dates back to the opening of this house, which began to address a particular need and different from those of other residences because people who need this service also need care and attention even on a medical level. Therefore, the service provided through Dar Bjorn continues to expand the range of services for people with various disabilities.