Community Wellbeing Scheme will place new mandatory requirements on developers

Developers will have to pay for neighbours’ architects to review condition reports and method statements on their excavation and demolition projects. 

This was announced by Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia who explained that new regulations which will be up for public consultation will put put additional requirements on the developer when a development takes place next to, immediately adjacent to, or touching another property, mainly by appointing the architect of choice of the owner to review the works. 

Developers would pay up to €500 for appointing the architect of choice of the owners of the property to review the condition reports and method statements prepared on behalf of the developer.

The scheme will be mandatory and enforceable by law. 

“We are not looking to provide shocks to the industry. But we need to ensure that families feel safe in their homes and that the sector remains strong and sustainable, even by implementing all possible measures to ensure development does not negatively impact the community. We are working towards striking a balance between the needs of an industry which is so important for our economy and the wellbeing of our society,” Minister Farrugia said. 

The minister explained that a similar scheme was the initiative of the industry itself, as the Malta Developers Association (MDA) had introduced such a scheme for its members on a voluntary basis. Now, the Government is taking this initiative a step further by refining it and making it mandatory for all excavation and demolition projects. 

Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius said that through this scheme we are continuing to work to ensure that within such an important industry for our country’s economy, citizens continue to enjoy peace of mind while construction work is ongoing. He remarked on the importance of citizens’ involvement in the public consultation for this scheme, and added that this is the beginning of a full reform that will be implemented in this industry. 

The scheme will be up for public consultation next week on

Photo (MECP)