€ 25 million private investment in elderly care sector launched to create 100 new jobs

Prime Minister Robert Abela inaugurates new domiciliary care services for the elderly

Prime Minister Robert Abela and his wife Dr Lydia Abela attended the launch of a € 25 million private investment in the care sector which is expected to create around 100 new jobs.

The directors of Villa Anna Teresa Holdings Limited, part of Arrigo Group of Hotels Limited, announced this investment in the center of St. Julian’s where it was designed around a policy that puts the person and his dignity in the center of everything they do.

Prime Minister Robert Abela said this investment by the Arrigo Group of Hotels family business has a very important meaning for this Government which believes in the private sector, in the zeal of our workers, in work and on all in the health of the Maltese and Gozitan people.

He said that among the challenges that the world will face in the coming decades is the fact that all countries will experience unprecedented numbers and percentages of aging. He said that this project will be a main pillar of how the Maltese elderly, regardless of the level of health they enjoy, will be able to live an active and positive life.

The Prime Minister stated that the Government wants the businesses of the Maltese families to continue moving forward from one generation to the next and therefore that in the budget for next year the Government has announced that it will extend the extension of a reduction in the stamp duty rate due to the government for the transfer of business. A measure that in the last three years has already saved businesses € 23 million.