€800,000 towards strengthening regional councils in carrying out their new functions

Minister for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government José Herrera announced another scheme aimed at strengthening regional councils in carrying out their new functions. For this measure, €800,000 have been allocated over two years.

Minister Herrera explained that as part of the local government reform, regional councils are being assigned new functions in order to support and assist local councils in the implementation of some of their functions. He explained that, in the last budget, a measure was announced through which the regional councils will be able to hire a number of professionals to achieve the appropriate levels in their functions for the benefit of the residents of our localities.

It was explained that each regional council will have the opportunity to hire a team, of not more than six people, who are specialised/qualified in the following roles: cultural, wellbeing, environmental, administrative and funding, ICT, as well as waste management.

Minister Herrera stated that this measure will lead to a higher quality in the service provided, including activities and initiatives, as well as leading to more effective communication and coordination between the regional councils, the local councils and the Local Government Division. He stated that this is being done in order for citizens to enjoy a better quality of life in their communities.