Government to continue increasing its recycling performance by exporting metal and aluminium


Following the success of the new recycling line at the Sant’Antnin complex and the export of 6,550 tonnes of glass, the government, through WasteServ, continues to show its determination at improving its recycling performance. 

A large scale recycling operation is currently underway with the sorting of recyclable material that has been collected on the Għallis landfill over the past three years. Through this operation, hundreds of tonnes of tin and aluminium recyclables are being given a new life as they re-enter the production chain to be transformed in new products.

This was announced by Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia during a visit to the operation with WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca,  where around 12 tonnes of materials are being processed every day. “This is another step towards a circular economy. We are determined to improve Malta’s environmental performance as we keep tackling one challenge after the other,” Minister Farrugia said.

The Ministry will also be launching a new waste management plan that will consolidate these improvements with a concrete long-term approach.

Photo: MECP