GoTo Goes into the New Normal


GoTo is mapping the road ahead for the eco-friendly shared mobility operator following the COVID-19 pandemic, not just ensuring its full range of services meets increased demand, but also launching a new campaign that promises to extend its reach even further.

Like many service sectors affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the mobility
industry – including Malta’s multi-modal vehicle sharing platform, GoTo – was all but
brought to a halt. However, this sudden inactivity inspired creative solutions within the
GoTo team in order to maintain momentum throughout this challenging time.

“The mobility industry has been among those most impacted by COVID-19 as people
stopped using transportation,” explains GoTo CEO Gordon Bugeja. “We decided early on
to ask most of our staff to work from home, and to promote multiple measures to
incentivise our customers to stay home, despite the effect this had on our business. It
compelled us to look at alternative ways to generate income, such as helping businesses
make deliveries or supporting them with vehicles that they could use to keep their
operations afloat.”

Nevertheless, GoTo has noted an ever-increasing rise in reservation figures, often
surpassing a thousand rides per day, as the country adapts to the ‘new normal’
following the pandemic. In fact, in February 2020 – just one month before the pandemic
reached Malta – GoTo also launched an electric scooter rental service that is now
exceeding all expectations by nearing the high popularity of GoTo’s One-Way and
Roundtrip services already available in its fleet of electric cars.

At GoTo, accompanying this wave of success is a renewed commitment to making the
innovation available beyond Malta and Israel, into the rest of Europe and, ultimately, the

“GoTo’s global vision is to provide an end-to-end shared mobility experience, covering
diverse mobility needs from micro-mobility to one-way and roundtrip car-sharing and
beyond,” continues Mr Bugeja. “We have secured a $19 million funding round to help us
expand our multimodal mobility services into Europe, providing our customers with
ultimate mobility confidence and becoming an equivalent of car keys, so that wherever
they are, there may be a GoTo vehicle for them to use. We are looking forward to
launching in the first city later this year.”

Meanwhile, venturing into new horizons is not the only change taking place at GoTo –
the company has also launched the ‘Change – Let’s Give it a Go’ campaign, which draws
on humanity’s renewed priorities following the lessons learned through the pandemic.

“If there’s any silver-living from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that it has shown our
ability to change and unite towards a common goal, overcoming challenges to stay
connected, reduce conflict, and even lower carbon emissions globally,” observes Johnny
Tominaga, Chief Marketing Officer at GoTo. “Our ‘Change – Let’s Give it a Go’ campaign
aims to inspire people to continue reshaping their habits purposefully, with the intent of
creating a better tomorrow, not only because we should, but because we can. We
believe shared mobility and replacing combustion vehicles with electric ones addresses
that, so we invite everyone to try our services – but we hope it doesn’t stop there.
Positive impact can be generated anywhere and by anyone. Every effort helps and we