Reminder: Limitation measures for mass activities announced


In order to keep the situation of COVID-19 in our country under control, from Friday, a number of measures will come into force that limit the racism of the people in mass activities.

These measures were announced at a news conference by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne and Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci.

These measures include:

  • the maximum number of people allowed in an establishment must be one person per 4m2;
  • in establishments with tables and chairs there must be a space of 2m between tables, with a maximum of ten people at each table;
  • in the event of events of 100 people or more, the organizers must apply for a permit with the Malta Tourism Authority and submit a risk assessment.
  • In agreement with the Curia, no more festive marches will be allowed, while pilgrimages will be limited to 100 people, always at a social distance.

In organized activities, the details of each person attending will be kept for four weeks.

The Superintendent of Public Health, Charmaine Gauci explained that these measures will reduce the risk of transmission and will facilitate the contact-tracing exercise carried out by the Health Authorities for COVID cases. 19. She reassured the public that if a person is considered to be at risk because they have been in contact with a person with the coronavirus, it will be the Health Authorities themselves who will contact and encourage a swab.

The duty to follow these regulations will fall on the organizers of the activities and on the owners of the establishments, while the enforcement by the Tourism Authority and the Public Health inspectors will increase.


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