HSBC Malta and MUBE agree remote working policy


HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. and the Malta Union of Bank Employees (MUBE) have signed a remote working policy for the benefit of all stakeholders. 

The HSBC remote working policy covers all aspects of remote working, including the
provision of the necessary tools, security and privacy measures, and health and safety
standards that are required for the wellbeing of employees who are working remotely.  The
agreement delivers an updated organisational work model that aligns with a dynamic labour market, changing customer needs and the needs of the wider community.

The new framework will introduce greater flexibility and agility while also improving efficiency and productivity, creating a more positive, sustainable and balanced work environment for employees.

The policy regulates the various aspects and terms related to remote working thus ensuring
fair and equitable arrangements for all employees. HSBC will ensure that employees will
continue to have access to training to help guide them on effective remote working, including how to plan, organise and collaborate with others, despite being physically away from the office.

Simon Vaughan Johnson HSBC Malta CEO, said, “This is a big step forward as the bank
looks to improve ways of working for the benefit of both our employees and our customers.
The remote working policy was formulated in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, wherein
we enabled over 80% of colleagues to work from home within a matter of weeks after the
outbreak.  Home-working delivers many benefits in terms of well-being and also has a
material positive impact on the environment and so we felt that it was important to implement a policy, with the support of MUBE, that tangibly improves ways of working for the benefit of both our employees and our customers in the long-term.”

William Portelli, MUBE President, said, “With an official remote working framework now in
place, that complements the efficient implementation of flexible arrangements and other
measures already being applied in the work place, the agreement provides both the business and employees various options that the workforce in general can benefit from.

Whilst the current arrangement will evolve over time, it clearly enhances the possibility of continued useful collaboration with management in seeking innovative ways of providing balance between work and social life, which is an essential part of the smart working concept.”

Photo: L-R: Caroline Buhagiar Klass, Head of Human Resources, HSBC Malta
Simon Vaughan Johnson, CEO, HSBC Malta; William Portelli, President, MUBE

Amanda Camenzuli, MUBE delegate