Lauda Europe, a new AOC set up in Malta

Minister Ian Borg noted with great satisfaction the announcement made by the Ryan Air group, regarding their application for a new AOC, Lauda Europe.

Following the successful introduction of Malta Air, with over 120 aircraft, Lauda Europe will be another important player joining the 9H family. It is evident that through Transport Malta’s Civil Aviation Directorate, Malta is now the jurisdiction of choice in Europe.

“As minister responsible for aviation, I would like to thank Ryan Air for choosing Malta for their investment and wish them all the luck in these difficult times.” The minister also thanked the team at TM CAD for their professionalism and commitment. He pledged to continue supporting the growth within the industry and to help in job creation in these difficult times. “Lauda Europe’s application to acquire a Maltese licence from Transport Malta’s Civil Aviation Directorate further confirms Malta’s attractiveness within the airline industry.”

The announcement comes just a few months after another Ryanair airline, Malta Air, acquired a Maltese licence weeks after another AOC Air Hub was established. Others are in the pipeline, but announcements will be made after the complete review has been conducted by the CAD.