Record number of arrivals for August 2016

According to figures published today by the National Statistics Office, the number of inbound visitors to Malta in August 2016 reached a new record high of 256,782, registering an increase of 3.4% over the same month last year.

Total inbound tourists (excluding cruise passengers spending overnights inMalta) increased by 2.8% or 6,845 more tourists. The number of nights spent by tourists reached 2.37million, increasing marginally by 0.7%. The average length of stay declined marginally from 9.6 nights inAugust 2015 to 9.4 nights in August 2016.

Almost 105,000 additional tourists visited Malta during the period January to August 2016 compared tosame period last year. The number of nights stayed by tourists reached 10.1 million, recording anincrease of 5.7%. Tourist expenditure increased by 3.6%, reaching €1.16 billion, €39.7 million more-over same period last year.

Both holiday and business motivations registered substantial growth rates during this 8 month period,increasing by 9.9% and 8.5% respectively. Additionally, the increase was mainly generated by non-package type and relatively younger aged tourists. 7 out of 10 additional tourists fall in the age bracket0 to 44.

The United Kingdom registered the largest absolute increase of 21,509 more tourists compared tosame period last year, followed by Italy with 12,923 more tourists. Significant growth in the number of inbound tourists, were also recorded from Germany, France, Scandinavia, Spain, Netherlands and USA.

The Malta Tourism Authority is very pleased with the new record achieved in inbound visitors during the first eight months of this year. The tourism industry is reaping the benefits of MTA’s strategy todiversify the source markets, attract a relatively younger age tourist motivated by both leisure andbusiness reasons.